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Porsche 914
  Porsche - VW 914
Porsche 914 -1969 - 1976

1971 - Porsche/VW 914

1971 - Porsche/VW 914 (above photo)

Production years from 1969 to 1976.

The 914 models started in 1969. I prefer to put the 1971 model because it is the most beautiful aesthetically. Especially the chrome bumpers, a black imitation leather Targa bar, chrome door sills and wheel arches, a headlight flasher combined with halogen headlights and two-tone horn. A new addition was the leather steering wheel.


I don't want to go to deeply into the 914 evolution because the model remained the same throughout except for small improvements as it evolved. Again my choice is the 1971 model. It's a joy to look at and own.

Many I have spoken to do through the years expressed the formidable handling. Performance was good although many hoped for more.

The basic model cost no more than around 12,000 DM. The mid-engine car was married with the latest in sports car engineering. Germany's largest and smallest car manufacturers, namely VW and Porsche, had got together to develop a sports car in the lower price bracket. A contemporary press release explained the choice of a mid-engine; "naturally Porsche's experience in motor racing was decisive for the overall concept of this new development."
The aim was to develop a well-handling car which would be fast around bends and whose bodywork would be as durable and torsion-proof as the 911 despite having a removable top. The company Karmann in Osnabrück was assigned to produce the bodywork panels. The car was to be powered by the engine of the VW 411 E and the Porsche 911 T.
In 1969 at the IAA in Frankfurt the general public got its first chance to admire the VW-Porsche, which had necessitated the founding of the VW-Porsche Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, (VW-Porsche marketing company). The design was found to be an acquired taste, "less showpiece, more sporting functionalism", was how the magazine mot described its appearance at the time.

To summarize the 914 started manufacturing in 1969 and ended in 1976. A vehicle concieved for everyone and did remarkably well. A total of 4,075 units of the 76 model were manufactured and production ended in spring.

For a complete story go visit the official porsche site.


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